i314’s ideas are shaped through the implementing of three main principles: Innovation, Effective Engagement and Trust.
Our technology reflects the uniqueness and dynamic qualities of the most sophisticated analytics combining Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence and Software Development.

Since i314 is driven by challenging ideas, we are engaged in promoting continuous and rigorous academic and scientific research accompanying the design of our work.


what we do?

i314 is a Data Driven Company based on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing technologies in the fields of Finance, Health and Cybersecurity.

We train and implement sofisticated AI Models and develop effective software for real time and Big Data applications.

i314 is based in Buenos Aires and working with clients all around the world. We are very commited with AI and Open Source Communities, so we are hosting ".aR - Grupo de Usuarios de R Argentina" and "Quants Argentina for Algorithmic Trading and Quantitative Finance Meetup".

All our developments are Open Source based, mainly in R, Python, C/C++, NoSQL databases, Hadoop and Spark.

At this moment we are working on projects related to:

AI for Algorithmic Trading in Argentinian Markets. It involves Automated Trading, Risk & Portfolio Management

Health & Bioinformatics
Medical Image Processing with Deep Learning
Bayesian Model for SNPs and Clinical Indicators for Diabetes Disease

Anomaly Network Traffic & Unusual User Behavior

Natural Language Processing
Real Time Sentiment Analysis with Hybrid Semantic & Syntactic Approach